We cannot emphasize enough the importance of choosing the right AC unit for your home. The right AC for your home will be more efficient, provide optimal cooling, and fit your budget. If you are feeling overwhelmed by all of the available options and are having a difficult time deciding, you have come to the right place.

To help you make an informed decision, we take a look at three different types of cooling systems. Our heating and cooling experts can help you make the right selection for your Napa home’s needs.

Central AC

Central AC units are the gold standard for air conditioning. They provide a wide range of benefits and are usually both more reliable and sturdier than room air conditioners. They are also more efficient than room air conditioners.

Also known as ducted systems, central ACs utilize split systems that regulate air through ducts installed in buildings. Consider a central AC if you have a large home and you wish to cool multiple rooms at the same time.

A central AC is designed to cool rooms quickly and efficiently. However, it consumes a lot of energy and can lose efficiency rapidly if ducting issues arise. Central ACs are more expensive than window units, but they are also more powerful.

Heat Pump

A heat pump is designed for both heat and cool spaces. Unlike traditional systems, they do not use fuel and are both safer and more efficient than a traditional AC system. They tend to have lower operating and maintenance costs.

The installation of heat pumps is a task best left to heating and cooling experts as they can prove difficult to install for the unfamiliar. They also tend to be more expensive than traditional heating and cooling systems. Heat pumps usually work best when the temperature is above 40 degrees.

Ductless Mini Splits

A ductless mini split is a heat pump that does not rely on air ducts. A regular ductless mini split comprises an outdoor cabinet and up to four handlers that are attached to the walls inside the home. Air handlers disperse the conditioned air directly from the refrigerant line.

The outdoor unit of a ductless mini split is made up of a compressor and condenser. The indoor and outdoor units are connected through the tubing. Ductless mini-splits are energy-efficient and compact. These systems can be installed in any room easily. You may need more than one ductless mini split to cool your home.

Choose a ductless mini split if you want to do away with a lot of ducting or just want to cool a portion of your home.