Ductless Mini Splits in Vacaville, CA

Staying cool in the summer sun can be critical in the Golden State, so if you’re thinking about installing ductless mini splits in Vacaville, CA, you’ll need to learn all you can about them. AC mini splits require an upfront investment that can seem a little daunting when compared to other air conditioning options, but these versatile systems are often worth the extra expense. For homes that lack existing ductwork, mini splits are a great way to obtain the same level of climate control with significantly less disruption to your home’s interior.

Even if you already have a working HVAC system, individual mini split units can be used to cool additions that weren’t included in the original ductwork plans. They can also be used to support your HVAC’s cooling efforts in rooms like your kitchen, where daily meal preparation may be adding too much heat to keep the temperature comfortable.