Water Filtration and Water HeaterWater. We count on hot showers, and clean water to keep our families healthy and safe. Do you have concerns about the additives in the municipal water system? According to public documents, the water in our area may meet the standards set by the EPA, but is that enough? The city informs us that drinking water can be reasonably expected to contain a small number of contaminants.

    The sampling report tells us that our water could contain small amounts of:
    • Coliform bacteria from environmental sources
    • Lead
    • Copper
    • Sodium
    • Aluminum
    • Arsenic
    • Barium
    • Chromium
    • Fluoride
    • Nitrate
    • Uranium
    • Chlorine
    • Trihalomethanes
    • An array of unregulated contaminants

    Water Heater Installation and Repair

    A standard tank water heater has a lifespan ranging from six to thirteen years, after which you can expect problems to develop. If it is time for a new water heater, we offer options from the standard tank water heater to modern tankless models. What’s right for you? The first step is to meet with us, allow us to evaluate your system, and we can advise you about what system will work best for your family, and your budget. In some cases, a newer water heater requires only a minor repair to be restored to working order. You can trust us to advise you honestly about what you need – and we offer to finance!

    Water Heater Installation

    Clean, Pure Water for Your Family

    Your family deserves clean, fresh water to drink, cook with, and bathe in. At Cozy Home Services, we install whole-house water filtration systems so you can enhance the health of your family members. Clean water tastes better and is better for you. If you have children, or an elderly relative that lives with you, ensuring your water is clean and fresh can be a critical issue for you – and we agree!

    What Is a Tankless Water Heater?

    Traditional water heaters work by way of a tank that preheats water which is then used whenever you turn the hot water on in your home. Unfortunately, if the hot water is used a lot or multiple people in the same house are using it, the tank can empty faster than it can refill itself, meaning you may be left without hot water while the tank heats back up.

    A tankless water heater, as the name suggests heats water for your home without a tank. This system will instantaneously heat water as it goes through the tankless water heater. Because no tank needs to be filled the main benefit of a tankless water heater is never running out of hot water. These systems are also much smaller, which can save space in your home. Interested in learning more about tankless water heaters? Contact our team today!

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