Sacramento Valley homeowners often ask us why air conditioner maintenance is necessary. If you live in Vacaville or the surrounding area, you know that our summers feel hotter than ever. With temperatures topping out over 90 degrees, your air conditioner must work harder to keep you and your family cool. When hot weather strikes, you don’t want to be stuck with an air conditioner that doesn’t work. Regular air conditioner maintenance should be an important part of your planning for summer. Luckily, our experienced HVAC technicians at Cozy Home Services are here to help you prepare for summer with our maintenance services.

Prevent Expensive Repairs and Breakdowns

Regular maintenance of your air conditioning system can prevent frequent and expensive repairs. Many homeowners don’t think about their home’s air conditioning unit until they notice a problem. Unfortunately, waiting too long to schedule your maintenance appointment can lead to higher utility bills and costly repairs. We recommend that you schedule an air conditioner maintenance appointment every year.

If you don’t schedule your annual air conditioner tune-up, you may see higher utility bills. However, higher bills aren’t the only consequence of a poorly-performing air conditioner. Without proper maintenance, you may also notice these problems:

  • Warm air blowing from vents
  • Warm and cold spots in your home
  • Short cycling
  • Water leaks around the indoor unit
  • Unusual smells or sounds

Air conditioner maintenance often catches minor problems before they turn into major repairs. Over time, dirt and debris build up inside your HVAC system. The air filter, condenser coil, and evaporator may accumulate a layer of dirt. Dirt and dust could also clog your system’s drain lines and prevent proper drainage.

Another common problem that maintenance can prevent is low refrigerant. Your air conditioner uses refrigerant to remove heat from the air inside your home. This process cools the air. When your air conditioner’s refrigerant is low, your system won’t be able to cool your home efficiently. You may notice that the air inside your home isn’t reaching the thermostat’s set temperature. Since the air is warmer, your air conditioner may run longer to try to cool the air. Over time, low refrigerant can cause a frozen evaporator coil and damage the compressor. You can prevent these expensive repairs with regular AC maintenance.

Regular maintenance will also catch any problems with leaking refrigerant. Leaking refrigerant causes the same issues as low refrigerant and harms the environment as well. Many older refrigerants contain chemicals that damage the ozone layer. When these chemicals leak into the soil, they can contaminate the water supply. It’s important to have a professional HVAC technician dispose of old refrigerant.

Extend the Life Span of Your Air Conditioner

You can prevent air conditioner failure by scheduling annual maintenance services with us at Cozy Home Services. Without regular maintenance, accumulated dirt, dust, and debris build up inside your unit. This buildup forces your AC to work harder. Your air conditioner may run for longer periods of time as it tries to reach the desired temperature. The unit might also short cycle, meaning that it turns on and off frequently.

When your air conditioner short cycles or runs all day, parts inside the unit wear down faster. Major components like the fan, motor, and compressor could fail. Eventually, your air conditioner might break down completely.

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Regular air conditioner maintenance ensures your AC is circulating clean air that is free of unhealthy particles. As new air enters your home from outside, it carries with it dirt, dust, pollen, and other allergens. Your HVAC unit’s air filter captures most of these particles and stops them from continuing to circulate. Over time, the air filter and other parts inside your system become dirty. When the air filter is dirty, it can’t remove the particulate matter.

If your air filter can’t perform its job, those allergens enter your ductwork and spread through your residence. You won’t see these particles, but you may notice an increase in allergy and asthma symptoms. Homeowners also notice the smell of pet dander, smoke, and other unpleasant odors. During a maintenance visit, the HVAC technician cleans or replaces the air filter. A clean air filter helps to keep your home free from irritating allergens and smells.

What to Expect During a Maintenance Appointment

At Cozy Home Services, we recommend scheduling your air conditioning maintenance appointment before summer temperatures arrive. It’s important to schedule this maintenance yearly to keep your air conditioner performing efficiently. During a maintenance service appointment, our HVAC technician inspects your air conditioner thoroughly. We look for leaking fluids, worn parts, rust, and corrosion.

An important part of every maintenance appointment is the fan and blower motor inspection. These parts circulate air throughout your home. We start with a visual inspection to check for wear and tear. If necessary, we’ll clean any dirt buildup that could clog the motor. Our HVAC technicians will also test the capacitor, which starts and runs the motor. They’ll check any belts and wires for wear and tear, replacing those that are showing signs of age.

We’ll clean your air conditioner and replace any air filters. Our team members will clean the coils and check for any signs of freezing. They’ll remove any dust and debris to ensure the system performs efficiently. They’ll also inspect the drain line and remove any dirt or clogs that might be blocking it.

Our technicians will check your refrigerant level as well. If the refrigerant level doesn’t meet the manufacturer’s requirements, we’ll examine the system further to ensure there isn’t a leak. We’ll then replace the refrigerant and dispose of the old chemicals safely.

During our cleaning and performance check, we’ll lubricate moving parts to eliminate squeaks and grinding. We replace any parts that are showing signs of wear or corrosion. Before they leave your home, our technicians will calibrate your thermostat. We also give our customers recommendations to improve their system’s efficiency and lower their energy bills.

Your Heating and Cooling Experts in Vacaville

Cozy Home Services has over 20 years of experience in the heating and cooling industry. Our team members take care of our customers by providing the best customer service. We prepare for every job and arrive on time with the right tools. The experts on our crew can solve all your air conditioner issues. In addition to regular maintenance, we repair all makes and models of air conditioners. If you notice weak airflow, unusual noises, or warm spots in your home, call our team to schedule a repair. When you need a new air conditioner, you can count on us at Cozy Home Services to recommend the perfect AC for your residence. We offer next-generation cooling technology that is quieter and more efficient than older units. Also remember that before the temperature drops, you should schedule an appointment to check on your furnace. We perform all the same services for heating equipment. In addition, we handle indoor air quality concerns and offer a complete line of plumbing services. We’re committed to your safety and comfort.

Contact our team at Cozy Home Services today to schedule your annual air conditioner maintenance service in Vacaville or the nearby vicinity.