Repiping a house is a large project. Getting an accurate time estimate will involve learning more about what plumbers do during repiping. It’s also important to talk about details and your individual plans with your plumber. Remember to maintain strong communication throughout the project so that your plumber can quickly alert you to changes.

The typical time frame is between a few days and three weeks. There are many steps involved with getting new piping installed. Be sure to note that you’ll have interrupted access to your house’s water during the process. Old piping will have water flowing at certain times in sections of the house. There will be times when all of the water is shut off while the plumber connects pipes. It’s a good idea to have water stored for the process if you’ll be living in the house during the project. Here’s what to expect during the plumbing process and how to get a good time estimate.

Plan on Cuts in the Drywall

Your plumber will need to access the pipes through the drywall. They’ll work by cutting holes near the sections they have to access. These cuts tend be smaller than 10 square inches. Most plumbers use a small saw to cut a hole that’s just big enough for access. Plumbers don’t leave these holes, either. They always patch up the drywall after the project is completely done. Be sure to note that the process involves inspections and tests. Patching the drywall will be the last step on the to-do list.

Make Space Near the Walls and Cover Furniture

Accessing the pipes through the drywall is dusty work. There’s also all the pipe fitting and dirt from going in and out to consider. Make sure you clear plenty of space by moving furniture away from the walls. Take extra care to cover your furniture with something thick. Some people tape plastic down to the floor in heavily used walkways during these types of projects as well. You can use cloths similar to the type of cloth used for painting if you don’t want to use plastic.

Be Ready for Inspections and Permits

Your plumber will need a work permit after you’ve both agreed on the scope of the project. Be prepared for meetings with inspectors and safety professionals. They’ll likely ask that you keep a copy of all permits and safety notices on hand as the project moves forward. You may want to create a binder or file that you can quickly access so that you’re always prepared.

The inspection and permits are usually included in the overall time estimate. You can ask your plumber to note the time required to pull permits separately in some cases.

Be Prepared for In-Depth Questions and Decisions

Repiping an entire house is a big decision. Your plumber and you will have a lot to talk about while you decide whether to repipe a section of the house or the entire thing. Some things people take into account when deciding how much to repipe are:

  • Poor water flow
  • Whether you’ve dealt with burst pipes
  • Water that tastes odd
  • The age of the pipes
  • Rust and other types of pipe degradation

It may take you a few weeks or months to decide how much repiping you want to do. Old pipes are usually the reason for a repiping project. People often like to go with copper pipes when they repipe a whole house. These pipes are high quality and are known to last longer than others.

There are new types of piping on the market that are also great choices. Some of these types may impact the time it takes to finish the job. They can be set up and manufactured so that they’re faster to install and quite durable. Your plumber can tell you more about how long it takes to install different types of piping.

Fix Problem Areas

Poor water flow and corrosion are common problems. These are often related to the way the house was originally constructed. Many people who renovate older homes need to have the plumbing adjusted right away when they add bathrooms or expand kitchens. Your plumber will need to carefully assess how previous work to the house is affecting your plumbing. They’ll also likely ask you about any remodeling work you’re doing or will do soon.

Plan On More Time When You Choose to Add New Fixtures

Some homeowners prefer to have their fixtures updated when repiping is done. This will naturally add time to your project. However, it can be more convenient overall. You may also notice that the water tastes better if the fixtures are replaced with the piping. You might get a better price on the fixture installation if you do it during the repiping project.

Add Time for Any Retrofitting Tasks

Retrofitting includes changing any fixtures or appliances to a low-flow model. It also means expanding the plumbing system to newer sections of the house. This might be an addition or an existing shop building that you want plumbed. Retrofitting also means installing a new water heater in homes that need them.

Go Over Your Plan With Your Plumber for a Time Estimate

Repiping doesn’t always include replacing drainage pipe or pipes in the sewer line. Make sure you specifically request this and have your plumber assess the added time if you need this done.

Be sure to note that some pipe sections have to be accessed through a wall in a different room. Some pipes even have to be accessed from the basement or ceiling. Set up good communication with your plumber up front. They’ll need you to take everything out of any bathroom vanities and might need other items moved as well.

Add Time for Each Bathroom

The majority of the time on repiping projects is spent on bathrooms. Houses with a higher bathroom count will take longer than ones with relatively fewer bathrooms. The size of the bathrooms can also be a factor. Be sure that your plumber has the right level of experience for your project. Bathrooms with tile, concrete, and specialty cabinets may incur damage if your plumber isn’t experienced enough. Make sure you ask them about everything when you estimate how long the project will take.

Contact Your Friendly Local Experts

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