Air conditioning is one of the most useful household appliances in an average home, perhaps even one of the most important inventions of mankind. When temperatures rise, your AC works round the clock to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.

ACS is more effective than ceiling fans, but they also consume more electricity. You can expect your energy bills to rise during the summer. However, if you are not careful while operating your AC, your electricity bills can shoot up and throw your budget into disarray.

Here are some tips to reduce cooling costs this summer from local HVAC experts, Cozy Home Services.

Schedule an Energy Audit

Have a Design Technician come out to your home to provide an energy audit and provide the best options to upgrade inefficiencies in your home. Our design technicians are trained to look at your house as a whole and give you the proper energy options for your family.

Consider the Energy Upgrade California Rebate Program

Did you know California is offering rebates up to $7k to bring your home up to today’s building standards and efficiency ratings? Give us a call to learn more about this program and how we can help!

Change Filters Regularly

HVAC filters trap common pollutants such as pollen, dust particles, and dander. Over time, these filters get clogged with dust and debris. An impure filter can do more harm than good. Clogged filters can lead to several problems such as poor air quality and airflow issues.

To steer clear of performance issues, change your filters at least once every three months. If you have pets, kids, or senior citizens at home, consider changing filters more frequently (once every month). Replace traditional filters with high-efficiency pleated filters. You might also consider a whole home purification system, give us a call for more options and information.

Stay on Top of Maintenance

We offer several levels of comprehensive biannual maintenance programs that are designed to ensure your system is running at peak efficiency and prevent breakdowns during extreme weather conditions when you are counting on your comfort system the most. Have your system inspected and maintained by an AC repair expert near you at least once a year. Do not skip maintenance even if you do not notice any symptoms of AC malfunction. Some cooling issues can hide in plain sight and go unnoticed for a long time, eventually turning into costly problems.

Regular maintenance allows your AC technician to track the health of your AC system. During a maintenance session, an AC technician conducts various tests to diagnose common AC unit problems to ensure it is running efficiently.

Our team at Cozy Home Services comprises HVAC experts who have been keeping customers cozy for over 20 years! Our seasoned professionals have a cost-effective and sustainable solution to every AC-related problem. To make an appointment, call us at 707-518-9443.