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Should My Furnace Fan Run Continuously?

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Many people get concerned when they hear their furnace fan running day in, day out. Your fan running continuously isn’t necessarily a bad thing and it does not always indicate that there is a problem with your furnace.

Why Do Furnace Fans Run Continuously?

Typically, furnace fans run continuously due to the thermostat setting. Most thermostats have two fan settings: On and Auto. When the fan setting on your system is set to Auto, the fan will run only when the system needs it to circulate heated air (during the heating cycle). Once the desired temperature is reached, the system will shut off the fan till the next cycle.

When the fan setting is set to On, your furnace fan will run continuously. Some furnace problems, such as a faulty limit switch or a shorted thermostat wire, can also cause your furnace fan to run nonstop. If you notice signs of a furnace emergency, reach out to a furnace repair expert in Vacaville for help.

Will It Cause Your System to Break Down Sooner?

No. Furnace fans are designed to run consistently. So even if you run your furnace fan continuously, it won’t break down prematurely, provided that it was installed correctly and you stay on top of maintenance.

Are There Any Benefits of Running a Furnace Fan Continuously?

Running the furnace fan continuously is an effective way to improve the circulation of conditioned air. Since hot air rises, the upper portions of your home will be warmer than the lower levels. It will also eliminate cold spots and even out the temperature in your home. If you use an air purifier, continuously running of your furnace fan will improve indoor air quality.

What Are Drawbacks of Running a Furnace Fan Continuously?

When you run the fan continuously, your energy bill will shoot up. If your furnace has a high-efficiency motor, your electricity bill shouldn’t increase sharply. In fact, it can even save you money, as you will be able to maintain an even temperature in your house, and your AC won’t have to work harder and longer.

When Is Continuously Running of the Furnace Fan a Bad Idea?

Running the furnace fan continuously is a bad idea if your ductwork is in your attic. If you have leaky ductwork, it can cause serious system damage.

Is your furnace acting up? Cozy Home Services can help with furnace repair in Vacaville. Our team consists of seasoned technicians with years of technical expertise and know-how. We will get your furnace up and running as quickly as possible. To schedule a furnace inspection, call (707) 474-5097.

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